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New Year Resolution Drawing

Happy New Year and thank you for visiting Middlesex Urology!

Our New Year’s Resolution is to help more patients achieve health!  We our giving away a free Fitbit Charge and “Drink More” water bottle to help patients jumpstart getting healthy for the new year.

Weight loss, eating healthy and getting regular exercise (10,000 steps a day to be heart healthy!) can make a big impact on urologic issues.  Studies have proven that weight loss can improve and sometimes cure urinary incontinence in both men and women, can increase testosterone levels, improve erectile dysfunction, and improve overactive bladder. Drinking more water can not only help with weight loss but help prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Let’s all get moving!

To automatically be entered to win, all you must do is
1. Follow us on Facebook at,
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The drawing will be on January 31st! If you’re already following us, you can still enter! Just complete the remaining steps!