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Middlesex Urology has been practicing in the Middletown area for many years. In that time we have established a sterling reputation for providing the highest quality medical care possible to our patients.

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Everyone at Middlesex Urology takes great pride in making your visit to our practice as successful and pleasant as possible. Our goal is to consistently provide you with the highest quality care and latest advances in technology in a friendly inviting environment.

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We are pleased to announce that the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is now available to our patients. Feel free to contact our doctors.

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In an effort to provide the highest level of patient safety and diagnostic accuracy, Middlesex Urology is now proud to offer the know error system for prostate biopsies. This unique system uses bar coding, forensic principles and DNA matching to ensure that when your test results arrive, the results belong to you.

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Cystoscopy, or cystourethroscopy, is a procedure that enables your urologist to view the inside of the bladder and urethra in great detail. It is used to evaluate signs and symptoms such as blood in the urine, lower urinary tract symptoms, recurrent urinary tract infections, and it can help diagnose diseases such as urethral stricures, outpouchings, or masses, prostate enlargement, bladder outpouchings, stones, lesions, or tumors.

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There are many reasons why a person can have blood in their urine. This condition, known as hematuria, can be an indication of a serious problem or conversely, have no negative connotation. What should you do if you find out that there`s blood in your urine? Read the following to learn more.

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Throughout a man`s life, the prostate may grow and start to cause problems as a man gets older. For many years, surgery was the only relief for this very common problem. Today, medications are the most common method for controlling urinating symptoms of BPH. What are the causes of these symptoms and what are some of the new treatments? The following should help answer that question as well as others.

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Kidney stones are among the most painful and prevalent of urologic disorders. More than a million kidney stone cases are diagnosed each year, with an estimated 10 percent of Americans destined to suffer at some point in their lives.

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